Thank you for choosing MirraKey™.  We hope MirraKey will exceed your expectations for securing your applications with a simple, yet powerful software license key generator.  The key features of MirraKey include: 

  • Ease-of-use - MirraKey can generate a unique license key by setting a property and calling the GenerateKey method.    
  • Flexibility - MirraKey can use one or more of three properties (ProductName, SerialNo and UserName) to generate and validate your license key.
  • Power - MirraKey allows you to enable or disable specific features in your program based on the License Key you generate.
  • Built-in License Key Manager - MirraKey will not only enable you to generate and validate you License Keys but also includes an in-built License Key manager that allows you customers to register your software or click a 'Purchase' button that links to your website to buy your software.
  • Customizable - If you need more control, you do need to use the in-built License Key Manager but can have total control over how your software's license key is stored and validated.   
  • Strong Encryption... Mirrakey also includes an encryption method that allows you to secure your license information using 256 Bit AES Encryption, the encryption standard employed by government and financial institutions.