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Security Software Solutions


Your Security... Our Passion.
Secure your Email and Manage your Passwords.
Mirrasoft can make it easy, so don't risk it...

Mirrasoft provides secure software solutions that are leaders in their category, such as:
Our solutions are ideal for individual end-users, as well as orgranizations with more complex security requirements.  Our products are ideally suited to IT resellers and consultants who need to provide a robust and simple solution for their client's email security and we welcome enquiries from potential partners.

Protect your Email Privacy

Simple and powerful solutions to protect your Email.

Armacrypt-for-Webmail - Encrypt and secure your email using any Webmail service like Gmail & Hotmail. More»

Mirramail - a complete secure Email program with an integrated Contact Manager and Appointment Scheduler.  More»

Mirracrypt-for-Outlook - make sending and receiving an encrypted email using Outlook as easy as normal email.  More»
Control your Software Distribution

A simple-to-use ActiveX control to generate CD-keys for software distribution, registration and activation.

Mirrakey provides seamless integration in your software projects with a built-in license key manager to validate your software's license and prevent unauthorized use.

Compatible with Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, ASP and any IDE that supports COM.

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Safely store your Passwords

Now you only need to remember one password - Mirrapass will remember all the others for you.

Mirrapass can safely store your passwords, user names and other information to protect you against fraud and save you time.

With identity theft and online fraud becoming more common, Mirrapass is a 'must have' tool to protect your personal information.

Save time and never forget a password again.

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