Mirrakey provides a simple-to-use Software Licensing Key system that is powerful and flexible.

As as software developer, you can easily integrate Mirrakey into your development project to provide instant License Key validation.  You can also use Mirrakey's built-in License Key Manager to save and retrieve your software's registration information or, if you prefer, you can handle your own Key management.  This makes Mirrakey powerful, simple-to-use and flexible.  To learn more see a Developer's Overview.

Mirrakey is an ActiveX DLL and supports any development environment that is COM (Component Object Model) compliant.  The installation of Mirrakey includes comprehensive sample programs in Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.Net and Visual Web Developer (ASP.Net).  The sample programs include explanatory comments and show all of Mirrakey's methods and properties.

Mirrakey is also flexible enough to allow you to select one or more of three properties (ProductName, SerialNo and UserName) to generate your software's license key.  You can also 'turn-on" or "turn-off" features in your software by setting one or more of the eight options available.

Key Features:


  • Easily generate your own license keys.
  • Integrate Mirrakey with your website order page to provide license keys on confirmation of payment.
  • Built-in License Key Manager to handle the Registration and Ordering of your software.
  • Easily validate that your software is licensed each time your program starts.
  • Enable or disable up to eight different features of your software based on the license key.
  • Handle your own license key management if you have special requirements not handled by the built-in License Key Manager.
  • Easily encrypt and decrypt your license key information, if additional security is required.
  • The License Key Manager is customizable with your company logo and software name.


Mirrakey License Key Manager
Mirrakey License Key Manager