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Send-to-anyone convenience

Outlook 2003

  Select the Encryption type and click "Send".

Mirramail and Mirracrypt for Outlook both provide the convenience to send an encrypted email to anyone.  You do not need to store their public key or have any information other than their email address.  When you click the "Send - Encrypted" button in Mirramail or select Full Encryption from the drop-down list if you use Mirracrypt, the Mirrasoft Encryption server automatically retrieves the unique key for the recipient that is used to encrypt the message.  This happens seamlessly for the sender, as no further action is required.

Mirramail Secure Email

The Mirrasoft Encryption service is a subscription based service that is free for personal use.  For commercial use, the cost per activated user ranges from around US$1.04 to US$2.08 per month depending on the number of users you require.  For organizations that need to protect the privacy of their email, this is a small cost and represents a significant saving compared with the ongoing cost and time associated with maintaining a database of public and private key pairs and the consequential support and security issues involved.

Using Mirramail or Mirracrypt for Outlook,  in conjunction with the Mirrasoft Encryption service, really does mean that you can send an encrypted message to anyone.

* The recipient of an encrypted Mirrasoft message does not need to subscribe to the Mirrasoft Encryption service to decrypt their message - this is included as part of the standard Mirramail or 'Mirracrypt for Outlook' software.


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