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Mirrapass can make your 'online' life more secure with total convenience by remembering all your website passwords.  Using Mirrapass, you can safely login to your favorite websites with a single click - you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Armacrypt Webmail Encryption allows you to send, receive and store encrypted email using any Webmail service including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL.

Mirramail and "Mirracrypt - Encryption for Outlook" provide secure Sender-to-Receiver encryption using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.  The key difference is that Mirramail is a full-featured, stand-alone Email program that can also Encrypt and Decrypt messages via Outlook or Outlook Express.  Whereas, Mirracrypt is integrated into the Outlook interface using the Outlook toolbar for all the Mirrasoft security features.

Mirrakey is a software developer's tool for creating and managing software licensing.

Mirrapass Website Login and Password Manager

  • Securely store passwords, user names and any information for easy access when you need it.
  • Login to websites safely and securely with a single click.
  • Save time and never forget a password again.
  • Protect yourself from fraud and your identity from malware..
  • Store your login information automatically & securely with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Save account numbers, PINs or any information you need to remember with 'Secure Notes'.
  • Use secure and random passwords for each website without needing to remember every user name and password combination.
  • Avoid the frustation of forgotten passwords.

Armacrypt - Secure Email for your Webmail

Mirramail packaging

Send and receive encrypted email using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other Webmail service.

  • Your secure emails stay encrypted on the Webmail server at all times.
  • Only the authorized user can decrypt and read your encrypted message.
  • Keep your email private from hackers and even your Webmail provider.
  • Full integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer but can be used with any Windows' browser.
  • Compatible with any Webmail service - if it doesn't work with yours then let us know.


Mirramail Secure Email

Encrypt, secure and protect your Email when you send, receive and store messages. Mirramail is a fully featured email program that makes it easy to secure your email and can be used to replace Outlook or Outlook Express.  Mirramail implements our Simple Encryption Architecture for sending secure Email and also includes an integrated Contact Manager and Appointment Scheduler.

Mirramail can also decrypt messages received by Outlook, Outlook Express and most other email programs.

Mirracrypt Encryption for Outlook

Mirracrypt-for-Outlook packaging

Encrypt, secure and protect your Email when you send, receive Email with Outlook.  Mirracrypt integrates seamlessly with Outlook 2003 & 2007 to provide powerful Sender-to-Receiver Email Encryption that is convenient and easy-to-use. Mirracrypt is the perfect add-on program for any Outlook user who requires their email communications to be private & secure.

Simply select the Encryption required and click the "Send" button.


Mirrakey License Key Generator

Generate CD-keys for software distribution and registration with integrated license key validation. Mirrakey is a simple-to-use Software License Key ActiveX DLL that is powerful and flexible, with seamless integration in your software projects.

  • Generate License Keys.
  • Manage your software activation.
  • Create 'Buy Now' prompts.
  • Easy to implement in any ActiveX COM compliant SDK.
  • Simple integration with ASP, ASP.Net or Visual Basic.

Download Mirrakey to try the sample programs that show how easy it is to use Mirrakey to secure your software licensing.  Mirrakey can also be used to generate license keys from a website for real-time purchases.


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