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The Ultimate in Email Privacy and Security 

The development of Mirramail™ and "Mirracrypt™ for Outlook" was driven by the need for individuals and companies to communicate securely using Email.

Mirramail and Mirracrypt - Encryption for Outlook provide the same security for sending and receiving Email.  Built using the same security architecture, Mirramail and Mirracrypt - Encryption for Outlook both provide:

  • 256-bit AES Encryption to ensure the highest quality encryption standard is applied to messages and attachments.

  • The flexibility to encrypt a message with a unique key specific to the recipient's email or with a key generated by a password you allocate.

  • A simple encryption method that achieves high level encryption at the click of a button or drop-down list.

Mirrasoft provides a simple solution to Email security and eliminates the ongoing costs associated with maintaining and issuing digital certificates and public/private keys. Mirrasoft's key server provides an automatic key management system that eliminates the need for the exchange of public keys, digital certificates or passwords. It can also provide automatic confirmation of delivery when the recipient decrypts an Email.

E-mail has change the way we communicate, but the lack of security means that Email is not appropriate when privacy and confidentiality are required. Mirrasoft provides corporations and individuals with end-to-end security that is simple-to-use.  The choice is yours - risk your security and privacy or use our Email privacy solution - Mirramail or Mirracrypt - Encryption for Outlook.



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