Getting Started with MirraPass™ ...

Thank you for choosing MirraPass™.  We hope MirraPass will exceed your expectations for securing your personal information and making you life online more convenient and free of the frustrations of remembering a multitude of user names and passwords.   And, don't forget to check the Mirrapass Help file for the other great features built into Mirrapass, such as 'Secure Notes' and the auto form filler functions for your Credit Cards and Personal information. 


After installing some recent Windows' Updates, some clients have reported that the Mirrapass toolbar does not display correctly in some versions of Internet Explorer. If you have installed Mirrapass and the toolbar is not displayed in Internet Explorer, please install the latest version from
  1. After you have installed Mirrapass, you can access the security features in Mirrapass directly from the Mirrapass Manager shortcut icon icon for 'Mirrapass Manager' on your desktop, or via the Mirrapass toolbar and side-bar in Internet Explorer.
    If the side-bar is not visible on the left side of Internet Explorer, please see the tip illustrated in the image below.

    Mirrapass Website Login and Password Helper 

  2. Click the Login icon on the Mirrapass toolbar or side-bar to show the Login window.  The first time you use Mirrapass you will see the window as depicted here, ready for you to create your master password for using Mirrapass.  The password you choose is not only used to allow access to your PassLinks and other information, it is also used to create an encryption key that is used to encrypt and safely store your data.  Please note: your login session for Mirrapass will time-out after a pre-set time.  The default time-out period is 2 hours but can be set to your preference from the Tools menu in Mirrapass Manager.

    MirraPass Login 

  3. Now you are ready to create your first PassLink, Secure Note or Form Filler information.  For this quick introduction we will show you how to create a Passlink so you can securely login to a website with one click.  PassLinks are like Explorer Favorite's except that clicking on a PassLink will navigate you to the website login page, then enter your user name, password and click the Login button.  It's secure, automatic and so convenient.  To create a PassLink, goto the website login page, enter your details and login as normal.  You should then be prompted to save the PassLink as depicted below.  (If you have not already Logged into Mirrapass you will be prompted to do so first.)  Click the "Yes" button to save the PassLink, which will then be added to your "Website Login Helper" side-bar.

    Saving a PassLink Mirrapass PassLinks

  4. With your PassLink saved, the next time you need to Login to that website, simply click the PassLink in the Mirrapass side-bar or from the drop-down list on the main Mirrapass toolbar.  The image below shows the Mirrapass toolbar with a description of each icon's function.

    Mirrapass Toolbar