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Mirrapass gives you three products in one: a Password Manager, a Form Filler and a Website Login toolbar.  Now you only need to remember one password - Mirrapass will remember the rest.

Save time and never forget a password again.

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Secure Notes

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Securely store passwords, user names and any other information for easy access when you need it. This is a great tool for stuff you need to remember. Fill-in web forms safely with your personal information or credit card details with a single click.
Login to websites with a single click and without having to remember the username and password for every site.
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Auto Login at a website»

Mirrapass makes it easy to secure your personal information and manage your passwords to protect you against fraud and identity theft.

Surveys have shown that almost half of all Internet users use the same password for their online banking account as they do for their social network accounts. This is extremely unsafe and leaves them open to fraud and identity theft.  The primary reason for this unsafe practice is that most people do not want to remember more than a few passwords.  Sound familiar?

Well there is a solution...With identity theft and online fraud becoming more common, Mirrapass is a 'must have' tool to protect your personal information and make your life online more convenient. Mirrapass will store your login information for a website automatically and securely using 256-bit AES encryption. The next time you need to login to that website you simply click the PassLink and Mirrapass will navigate to the login page, enter your user name and password, and then click the login button. It's that simple, but more importantly it can help you foil malware and other trojan key-logger programs from stealing your login information.

That's what makes Mirrapass an essential online tool.   Mirrapass saves you time, makes your life easier and your personal information safer.

Login to your favorite websites safely with a single click.

Mirrapass Website Login Manager

The reason you need Mirrapass is to protect your online identity and keep your personal information safe...
But the reason you will buy Mirrapass is because it is so convenient and easy-to-use you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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