Activate Mirramail by Restoring a backup of your Mirramail message store...

After installing the Mirramail you will have a choice of registering as:

This topic explains the registration process for "Restoring a backup of your Mirramail message store".

  1. Choose "Restore a backup of you Mirramail message store" and click the "Continue >>" button.

Register Mirramail secure email solution.

  1. Click OK to continue.

Restore secure email confirmation.

  1. Read the information in the next screen that appears and click the Start button to restore you backup.

Commence restore of secure emails.

  1. Select the backup file to restore, which should be named Mirracrypt where YYYYMMDD equals the Year, Month and Day that the backup was created.

Select backup file of Mirracrypt secure message store.

  1. Read the warning message and click Yes if you wish to proceed.

Confirm overwrite of existing Mirracrypt secure message store.

  1. After your backup has been restored you will receive a confirmation message.

Mirracrypt secure message store completed.

  1. Please enter your password, but remember that it is the password that you used with the message store that you have restored.  If you have changed your password since making the backup copy of the restored message store you will need to use your old password.

Mirramail secure email login window.

  1. After accepting a valid password, Mirramail will now start using you backup message store, which will contain all your messages, contacts, appointments and settings as they were when you created you backup.

Mirramail secure email main window.