Register or Re-register an existing User...

After installing the Mirramail you will have a choice of registering as:

This topic explains the registration process for "Registering (or re-registering) a pre-existing user account".

  1. Select "I want to re-activate my registration or add a new User to a multi-user account" and click the "Next >" button.


  1. Choose "Register or Re-register an existing User" and click the "Continue >>" button.

Register Mirramail secure email solution.

  1. Enter the required information as depicted in the next screen that appears.
  • Your Email address is required to verify your registration together with your User Password, Client ID and User Number.
  • The User password is required and should have been provided by your account administrator or by you when you first registered Mirramail.  It is not the password related to your email security; it is only used to validate the registration details for your Mirramail registration.
  • The Client ID is required and should have been provided by your account administrator for a new user registration, otherwise it is the client ID from your previous registration.  If you are re-registering Mirramail, your client ID can be found by clicking "Help" on the main Mirramail menu and selecting "About" from the drop down list.
  • If you are registering your Mirramail software for the first time, your account administrator should also have provided you with you User Number.  If you are re-registering Mirramail, your User Number is available by clicking "Help" on the main Mirramail menu and selecting "About" from the drop down list.  The User Number is the last 1 or more digits appended to the Client ID.
Re-registering your Mirramail software is a last resort.  It is far better to restore a copy of your Mirracrypt message store as this will eliminate the registration process and allow you access to all your existing messages, contact and mail server settings.

Enter details for Mirramail secure email solution.

  1. Enter and confirm your Mirramail password.
The password you choose here is IMPORTANT.  This password is used to secure your local message store and without it you will not be able to access your messages or send/receive email (no one else can either).  The password you choose is not stored ANYWHERE and cannot be recovered by the support staff at Mirramail.  Only a hashed value is stored to validate your password, but the hashed result itself is useless for decrypting your message store and gaining access to your messages.  For added security, the message store itself is not encrypted but every part of each message (the From, To, Subject, Body & Attachments) is encrypted separately using a key as unique as the password you choose.  You can change your password at a later time but DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSWORD - IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED.  This is a good thing for your security and privacy, which is why you are using Mirramail.

Create Password for secure email message store.

  1. After entering your password, you will have the option to import your Mail accounts from Outlook or Outlook Express.  Alternatively, you can import them later or setup your mail accounts by clicking Tools > Accounts on the main menu of the Mirramail program.

Import mail accounts from Outlook.

  1. You are now ready to start using Mirramail.  Most of the features are intuitive and should allow you to start using Mirramail straight away.  But most of all we hope you will enjoy the comfort that Mirramail will give you by ensuring you email is secure and private.
If you have already received an encrypted Mirramail message with Outlook, Outlook Express or another email program, click the "Switch To" icon on the main toolbar and select the appropriate program.  When the messages from the other program have loaded, select the encrypted message and click the "Decrypt" icon on the main toolbar to decrypt the message.  The decrypted message will be stored in your other email program as well as in the Mirracrypt message store.

Mirramail secure email main window.