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The trial versions of our software are fully functional versions, which are not limited in their features during the free trial period.  You can purchase our software at any time during or after the 30-day trial period, but we insist that you try it before you buy it so you are totally satisfied that our applications will suit your needs.  We are very confident you will be happy with the security and ease-of-use that our software provides but, if you're not satisfied, there is no obligation.

Mirrapass Website Login and Password Manager

  • Securely store passwords, user names and any information for easy access when you need it.
  • Login to websites safely and securely with a single click.
  • Save time and never forget your passwords again.
  • Protect yourself from fraud and your identity from malware.
  • Store your login information automatically & securely with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Save account numbers, PINs or any information you need to remember with 'Secure Notes'.
  • Use secure and random passwords for each website without needing to remember every user name and password combination.

System requirements: Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8.

Armacrypt - Secure Email for your Webmail

Send and receive encrypted email using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and any other Webmail service.

  • Your secure emails stay encrypted on the Webmail server at all times.
  • Only the authorized user can decrypt and read your encrypted message.
  • Full integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer but can be used with any Windows' browser.
  • Compatible with any Webmail service - if it doesn't work with yours then let us know.

Mirramail Secure Email

Encrypt, secure and protect your Email when you send, receive and store messages. Mirramail is a fully featured email program that makes it easy to secure your email.

System requirements: Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista or 7.  Internet Explorer 6 or later.

Mirracrypt Encryption for Outlook

Encrypt, secure and protect your Email when you send, receive Email with Outlook.  Mirracrypt integrates seamlessly with Outlook 2003 & 2007 to provide powerful Sender-to-Receiver Email Encryption that is convenient and easy-to-use. Mirracrypt is the perfect add-on program for any Outlook user who requires privacy & security.

System requirements: Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Mirrakey License Key Generator

Generate CD-keys for software distribution and registration with integrated license key validation. Mirrakey is a simple-to-use Software License Key ActiveX DLL that is powerful and flexible, with seamless integration in your software projects.

System requirements: Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista or 7. Developer IDE.

Trial Information

After the trial period has expired, Armacrypt, Mirramail and Mirracrypt-for-Outlook will continue to function and you will be able to access your stored messages but you will not be able to send Encrypted email.  Of course, Armacrypt, Mirramail and Mirracrypt will still allow you to Decrypt messages you receive , even after the trial period has expired.

The trial version of Mirrakey is fully functional during the trial period except for the 'nag' window that appears each time you call the 'GenerateKey' method.  Even with this limitation, it should be easy to fully test Mirrakey in your development environment.  If the trial period is not sufficient, please contact our support team and we will be pleased if we can assist you.

Installation Instructions

To install any of the Mirrasoft programs, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the relevant link above to download the installer program.
  2. In the File Download window that appears, choose "Save this File to Disk" and then click "OK", or click the "Save" button (depending on your version of Internet Explorer).
  3. In the Save As window that appears, click the down arrow next to the "Save In" drop down list and choose the Desktop folder. Click the Save button to commence the download process.
  4. When the download has completed, click the Open button in the File Download window to start the Set-up program.
    If the File Download window closes automatically, then go to your Windows Desktop; locate the icon for the downloaded file and double click the icon to start the installation program.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. When the installation has completed...
    Mirramail will automatically start, ready for you to register your email address with the Mirrasoft key server.
    Start Outlook and the Mirracrypt toolbar will appear with your other Outlook toolbars after you have been prompted to activate Mirracrypt.
    Start Internet Explorer and the Mirrapass toolbar should be visible and provide access to the features, security and convenience of the Mirrapass Login and Password Helper.
    Open the Mirrakey folder on your Desktop for access to the sample programs and other information.
  7. The installer icon on your Desktop can be deleted.


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