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The legal profession revolves around documents and communications that require confidentiallity.  From sensitive commercial negotiations, to highly emotional property settlements between estranged partners and criminal cases where attorney-client privilege is paramount.  Mirramail can provide a secure, flexible and easy-to-use solution.


Doctors, hospitals and all participants in the delivery of healthcare are required by law (the laws vary from country-to-country) to maintain the privacy of their patients. Sometimes swift communication is vital to a patient's care and well-being. Mirramail can provide a communications solution that is fast, convenient, cost effective  and, most of all, secure to protect a patient's privacy.

Financial institutions are a primary target for criminals who are skilled at intercepting electronic communications. Email is an easy medium for hackers who are intent on obtaining sensitive financial information that can lead to identity fraud or access to your financial accounts. Mirramail is a simple solution that can provide secure email communication between financial instutions and their clients.

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Legal Secure email for lawyers

A mid-sized Law Practice needed a secure, cost effective and timely method of sending documents and contracts to clients, as well as, between staff members.  Email was the obvious solution but security was the barrier-to-entry, especially when sending sensitive documents to clients.  Other factors, such as the flexibility to add or remove clients from a secure email solution was also a consideration due to the potential costs involved in issuing and managing the public/private keys required and then supporting each client to set-up their software correctly.  In particular, the flexibility to easily add and remove clients from their secure email was important because some clients only required secure communications for a short period of time until their legal matter was resolved

Mirramail was able to provide the perfect solution to all of the Law firms requirements.  Clients could be easily added to and removed from the Law firms registered Mirramail users because each user license is transferable.  Once a client's law matter is resolved, the Mirramail user license can easily be transferred to a new client.  Security and ease-of-use was also easily handled by Mirramail due to its industry standard 256-bit AES encryption method.  The Law firms clients could also choose to continue to use Outlook or Outlook Express in conjunction with Mirramail and the administration of Mirramail required by the Law firm was minimal.

Another benefit of Mirramail was the ability to receive a confirmation email when the message had been decrypted by the recipient, which automatically stated the time and date that the message was decrypted.



Everyone is aware that the privacy of patients' health records and personal information is not only vital, but a legal requirement for all health professionals.  A large hospital required a solution to replace their existing methods of sending discharge summaries, specialist referrals and other personal information by fax or post.  The solution needed to be secure, efficient and available to a broad cross section of GPs.  Mirramail was able to provide a secure and flexible solution that allowed all the relevant healthcare professionals to send and receive the necessary documents via email in a secure and easy-to-use package.

In this particular case, the hospital subscribed to Mirramail for all the relevant health professionals allowing them to send the necessary documents to each patient's GP or other healthcare specialist in a secure email encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.  At the other end, each GP used Mirramail to decrypt the received mail.  In some cases they continued using their normal email program such as Outlook or Outlook Express but the vast majority preferred to use Mirramail exclusively for all their email as it was easy-to-use and provided a better level of security for all their stored emails.  This was a significant advantage to ensure that the stored messages that contained patient's personal information could not be accessed by unauthorized parties.

But the real benefit of Mirramail was it's ease-of-use, that made sending a secure email as simple as sending a normal email.


Financial Services

Allowing clients to access their financial data online is commonplace and the security systems provided by financial institutions is excellent.  However, the growing number of scams or phishing exploits to gain access to the user name and passwords of financial institutions clients is the biggest weakness in an otherwise secure system.  Mirramail can provide a second level of security (two-factor authentication) that ensures only the authorized client can access their financial information and conduct transactions.

After the client enters their user name and password to access their account, a time-limited token is generated, which is then sent automatically to the client's registered email address using Mirramail to encrypt the message.  Because the email is encrypted, only the intended recipient can decrypt and read the message to retrieve the secret token.  The token is then entered by the client to gain access to their account.  Without the token or after the token's time limit has expired the client's account cannot be accessed.

This solution works well for clients who want the convenience of online banking and other financial services without the risk.


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